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Gudetama - Sunny-side Up Crochet Pattern

So a lot of you liked my pattern for Gudetama under Bacon Blanket.  And some of you even made your own super cute versions like this one from Kiploca:
Kiploca Instagram

Love it!  I'm now a fully converted fan of Gudetama and no longer think he's weird.  In fact, I love him that much I put a load of Eggy stuff on my X'mas list.  Including this comic with lots of cute pics of Gudetama explaining his philosophy on life as a lazy egg.

It has inspired me to start a project.  I'm going to do Gudetama crochet patterns for as many of these pictures as I can.  But since I have a full-time job I shall do this in the way Gudetama would have done it...  Lazily, slowly and possibly never actually finishing.  I have done the easier one though - Gudetama Sunny-side Up!  Enjoy!

Gudetama Sunny-side Up Crochet Pattern

Side view of Eggy-tama (what my daughter calls him)
What you’ll need:
You can use any type of yarn you like since slight variation in size won’t matter.  I used a very soft acrylic yarn similar to a 4ply. The yarn manufacturer's hook size recommendation is 3.5 but I used a 2.5mm hook for a tighter finish.  I always use a smaller hook than recommended for amigurumis to make my work tighter to better keep in the filling.  

Here’s what I worked with:

  • -          Yellow and white yarn (gauge 22sts x 28rows for 10cm swatch)  
  • -          2.5mm crochet hook; 
  • -          Black and white felt;
  • -          Tapestry needle;
  • -          Polyester filling; and
  • -         Permanent black marker.

sc                     single crochet
sc inc               single crochet increase, i.e. work 2 single crochets into the same stitch
dc                    double crochet
tc                     triple crochet
tc inc               triple crochet increase, i.e. work 2 triple crochets into the same stitch
st                     stitche(s)

( )                     numbers in brackets denote total stitches for that row
*                      when a stitch pattern is repeated several times, it is enclosed by asterisks.  E.g. *2sc, sc dec* x2 - means single crochet twice, decrease, single crochet twice, decrease.
The yolk and egg white are worked in joined rounds, so remember to start the pieces with a ch st at the beginning of every row AND end each row by joining the ends with a sl st.
Yolk: (in yellow)
R1: Magic ring, 5sc into ring, tighten ring, join round with sl st. (5) [If you find magic ring difficult or a hassle to do, just make a slip knot and ch2] 
R2: *sc inc* x5 (10)
R3: *sc, sc inc* x5 (15)
R4: 15sc. End, leaving long yarn tail for sewing yolk onto egg white.
Egg White: (in white)
R1: Magic ring, 6sc into ring, tighten ring, join round with sl st. (6) [If you find magic ring difficult or a hassle to do, just make a slip knot and ch2] 
R2: *sc inc* x6 (12)
R3: *sc, sc inc* x6 (18)
R4: *2sc, sc inc* x6 (24)
R5: *3sc, sc inc* x6 (30)
R6: [irregular egg white edging] 2sc, dc, tc, tc inc, tc, dc, 2sc, sc inc, 3sc, dc, tc inc, 2tc, dc, sc, sc inc, 3dc, sc, sc inc, dc, 3tc, dc (35). Eng, weave in yarn tail.  
Making up: 
Sew yolk onto egg white using yarn tail.  Stuff yolk with a little bit of polyester filling. 

Eyes and mouth: 
Using black felt, cut two tiny, long ovals for Gudetama's eyes. 
Using white felt cut a rough semi-circle oval and using black permanent marker, rim edge in black.  Glue onto yolk. 

Tip: You may find cutting such small bits of felt difficult.  It will help to use a super sharp pair of scissors, e.g. sharp nail scissors for very well.  If it's still too difficult, try dabbing clear nail varnish onto the felt.  This stiffens the felt and allows better control.  



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  2. So cute :) can I use ur pattern and make some for Christmas gifts to my son and his classmates .

    1. Sure! Please send me your finished pictures!!

  3. thật xinh đẹp tôi có thể sử dụng mẫu để bán ko


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