Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Little Cat Riding Hood

Experimenting with different patterns for the shortlist of cat crochets I'll be taking to the Purrzaar at the Cats of the World Photo Exhibition.  Am thinking Little Cat Riding Hood might tempt a few cat lovers? 

Little Cat Riding Hood is going to Grandma's, hoping to get propositioned by a wolf or two en route. She's trying very hard not to be outdone by her pastels loving cousin. 

Bella already has a wolf chasing after her, even though she says her heart's set on some vampire called Edward.  Must be the goodie two shoes vibe and the knitting that gets them going.  

The cousins are pretty much the same size, though Bella is fluffier. Riding Hood is brown eyed while Bella is blue eyed and her scarf goes all the way around her neck while Bella's scarf only envelopes her head. 

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