Sunday, May 13, 2012

Goodnight Kitty

So there I was trying to make another Little Cat Riding Hood, this time with a funky textured yarn hoping for a fun fluffy effect - when my husband distracted me with the latest episode of The Game of Thrones.  That show is awesome.  So I blame it entirely for the schoolgirl error pictured here:

Look closely, and you'll see I've managed to sew the cat head onto the body without putting in the backs of the safety eyes first.  That's what good TV does to me... 

There was no way I'd take the whole thing apart and start again, so I tried felt eyes.  They looked freaky.  So in the end I settled for sleepy eyes, and that gave me the idea of making a sleepy baby kitten all wrapped up and snug, just like my baby Kit when the nurses brought him to me in a hospital baby cot. 

I had some lilac polka dot material lying around so I made some pants for her.  Then I used some special baby flannel material to make her a swaddle.  Finishing off with a crochet milk bottle with pink and white yarn.  

Feeling a bit sew-happy, I spied a baby bear lying around I made a while back, so I made him a swaddle blanket too.  A double sided blue polka dot and grey flannel swaddle.  

Now I have a tiny nursery. 

Nap Time! 
Quite inspired to make baby accessories for my sleepy babies now.  Will try a rattle and a teddy and some cutesy cushion next.  



  1. Ahhhh so adorable! They really do like newborns ♥ Very cute! I just started learning to make amigurumi and hope to make it to your level :3

    ~ Kieli ~

  2. Please share your pattern, i would love to make one for my sister. thanks
    my email is

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