Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Purrzaar! Cats Of The World Photo Exhibition

I always thought I was a dog person. They're loyal, intelligent and can double up as security systems of last resort. So I adopted a cat.  It makes perfect sense...

But Tiggy was gorgeous as a kitten! No one could have held him and given him back. Getting to know Tiggy has also taught us a few things about cats. They are loyal - in their disdain of everyone - but they do dislike their owners a little less and often forbore to scratch them.

Through cat lover friends, we found out about the Cats of the World Photo Exhibition about two years ago. The exhibition is at the Arts House, showcasing photos of cats in their environment all around the world, usually taken by cat lovers during their travels. They're a non-profit organisation, often raising funds for the cat welfare society. So last year I donated a few Kitty Cupcake Magnets to the cause at the Saturday Purrzaar. My friend told me they sold like hot-cupcakes. Buoyed up by that (hopefully truthful) encouragement, this year I'm bravely (or naively) taking on a Purrzaar booth.

I've made a tray-full of magnets already, hoping to do as well as last year.  I'm desperately hoping I'll have enough things in my repertoire I can make in time. Trouble is, I'm not too sure what would appeal to the Purrzaar Punters. For now, my strategy is to make a bunch of stuff, of all different types, hoping that at least some of it would get sold. Otherwise, I've a feeling friends and family will be getting a lot of cat themed presents this X'mas.

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