Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Kitty and Bunny Cupcakes Town

It is a bright sunny day at Cupcakes Town.  Kitty and Bunny cupcakes are all out and about doing their stuff.  Here's Jess and Amy.  Jess is a real fashionista don't you know.  So Amy has joined her for a day of shopping to find that perfect handbag.

I'm afraid Beryl's been the cause of a lot of gossip lately.  Ever since her "knee" surgery, her elongated ears have caused a bit of speculation...

Ella is once again outside the Dior window display, pining after that dreamy purple bow that would just MAKE her outfit.

At the park, a certain celebrity made a surprise appearance that caused a stir among the ladies out taking the air.

And over at the Meowson household, Marie is bracing herself for a difficult conversation...

So you see, just another typical day at Cupcakes Town.  All the bunnies and kitties were created by the crochet needle and they all have an innate sense of magnetism.  Thus they are able to hang out on fridges/ metallic bookends/ whiteboards etc.

A few of these are on sale at my Etsy shop.  Other cupcake animals (currently making some Teddy cupcakes and will experiment with Puppies) might also visit soon.  

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