Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tiny amigurumi cupcakes

Bunnies take tea
Teddies in a saucer

I made these a long while back when I had an excess of bon bon papers that fit perfectly with these tiny bunnies/teddies/cats.  They're also relatively quick to make so I made a bunch for friends and family. 

These Kitty Cupcakes flew all the way to Japan as a gift for my friends Veronique and Jamie who were newlyweds.  I couldn't attend their wedding as I was expecting our boy, but I had a photo to work from and luckily found ribbon the exact colour of Jamie's cravate. 

Five bears and a bunny spell A-U-D-R-E-Y.  For the birthday girl who loves cars.  I couldn't afford a car.

My Uncle Alex and Aunty Hilda and Cousin Ranee are cat lovers, so I made them their micro-cupcake versions of themselves.  Later I realised I missed out the most important memeber of the quartet - Mui Mui their cat.  She was added later.    

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