Saturday, September 7, 2013

Captions Competition! Win a pink bat!

I've been rummaging in my pictures folder and found some images that might be fun as postcards:

 ...and my attempts at funny captions stop about here - the comic muse has left the building - perhaps some of you want to have a go?  Can you think of LOL, witty or plain cute captions for the images below?

Since Halloween is coming up, I'll make this a Halloween Captions Competition, and will be giving away this very scary pink bat as a prize (don't you dare call her cute!):

The winner will be the writer of the caption that makes me laugh out loud the longest.  I will announce the winner on Halloween (31st October).  The rules are as follows: 

a. Please comment on this post with your proposed captions (remember to identify the image you're captioning); and 
b. Keep it clean please people!

Good Luck!!! 

Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3
Pic 4
Pic 5
Pic 6

Pic 7
Pic 8

Pic 9

Pic 10
Pic 11


  1. Omg this is an awesome idea! I choose Picture 3!

    "Go inside the bottle they'll be like Dr. Who going in the Tardis they said! I bet you the Doctor didn't have friends like you guys!"

  2. Pic 3 : Ehhh ok...this is the last time I sign up for any experiment... LET ME OUTTTT!!!

    Pic 4: Seriously, Let Me Out...a really cute bear is outside and for some reason she wants to give me a flower...

    1. I a cat or a bear? I swear no more experiments...:P

  3. Cool!!let me try...sorry for the spam!:P

    Pic 1-Milk for breakfast?maybe later..can't resist my warm cozy blanket..zzz

    Pic 2-When is daddy and mummy gonna bring me home? Can't wait to see my new toys!

    Pic 3-Looks like Witch is boilin' make kitty essence?!Let me out!!!Help!!

    Pic 4-Gretel!Didn’t I ask you to steal the wand from Witch?!What are you doing with a flower?!Quick get me outta here now!

    Pic 5-Prawn sushi: He is getting ready soy sauce and wasabi!Oh no!
    Roe sushi: I seriously hope he gets indigestion after eating us!
    Egg sushi: Quick somebody think of a way to escape!

    Pic 6-Cat No. 4: Oh my where is my Andy Lau?!I matched my nice polka dot ribbon with my blue dress just for him!
    Cat No. 2: Ha my outfit is more matching!green ribbon and green dress!
    Cat No. 1: Argh the weather is soo hot!why is he taking so long?!
    Cat No. 3: Must be his limousine got caught in traffic jam!

    Pic 10-Don’t lock me up in a cage, pretty please?

    Pic 11-Such nice weather today..should I take a nap first?or should I go out to play? Hmm…

    1. Hi Hui Min, please get in touch with your address details I'd like to send you a Smelly Cat for your Sushi Captions! Well Done!

    2. Hi Susie!!I had just pm-ed you on facebook!!thank you!!!

  4. Pic 11: Insomnia, even baby kittens get it.

    1. Hi Sarah! You're the winner of the Caption Competition! Please send me your address details so Pink Bat can find her way to you! Well Done!

  5. OMG!! The sushi set is soooooooo cute!!!