Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Crushed cinnamon quills and tangerine oil - make the best scent for little Kitty Danglies!

Cinnamon. Rocks.  And if you add a drop of tangerine oil then a pinch of nutmeg, it's even more awesome. That's my fave spice mix for cakes and as I'm perpetually thinking of cakes these days (trying to lose some post-preg weight by cutting down desserts...), this spice mix came to mind when I was thinking of what scent to put into my Kitty Danglies for the Cats of the World Purrzaar

Like my fluffy tail?
I was thinking of lavender, and will stuff some of these cuties with that.  Though I had no lavender on hand yesterday, and was wondering around the kitchen when the cinnamon quills that've been hanging around idling on my spice shelf caught my eye. 

Why not crush some quills, pop them in porous bags then stuff them in the danglies?  Why not indeed. Thus the pestle and mortar was got out and quills promptly crushed. 

Putting the gorgeously scented concoction into the tiny teabag-like inners is a bit fiddly but well worth it for the lovely warming scent these danglies carry.  Will be devoting the morning to sewing some tails on the cats before crushing more cinnamon for filling.  

I shall be busy sewing while baby Evie helps me blog.  Her protests of the moral repugnance of child labour fell on deaf ears.  


  1. Hello! I'm interested in the item in this post. Just wondering if you take orders online (:

    1. Hi yes I do! Do you have a fav pattern (brown, beige, lilac or pink)? Let me know and I'll put it on my Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/stuffsusiemade

    2. Hi! I would like the brown and beige ones! Thanks