Sunday, September 23, 2012

Purrzaar Huzzar!

I've done it!  I've managed to get a stall going at the very awesome Cats of the World Photo Exhibition Purrzaar and actually made some money!!  

I was rather pessimistic at the beginning... fearful of having a stall full of cat themed goodies and a cashbox empty of money...  Imagine my thrill then when I sold out of cupcakes by 2pm!  These guys did look really cute though on the cakestand:

I sold a lot of crochet cat collars too!  Here's a picture of Teddy looking super smart in his new collar. Thanks to Loowin for sending me his pic! 

The Exhibition and Purrzaar were held at the Arts House in Singapore, organised by the lovely Carla and Noelle (can you believe Carla got married in the middle of all this organising?!  Kudos and congrats to her!). Cat lovers came to enjoy gorgeous photographs of cats in all their glory, with a chance to take some cat paraphernalia home from the Purrzaar.  It's all for a very good cause since stall holders donate a percentage of their proceeds to the Cat Welfare Society.  

Noelle and Carla on the right.

My partner in crime for the two days is Jaime who makes the most adorable cat oven mitts.  She doesn't yet have a website for selling her gorgeous creations but I am trying to convince her to do so. 

I'm totally knackered now and suffering a bit from thumb-ache but it has been a fabulous 2 days.  I've met some lovely people who share my passion of crafting, which alone would have made the whole experience worth while.  Thank you too to my friends who came to help out and support me in my first vendor adventure... (ok this is beginning to read like an Oscar acceptance speech... "next I would like to thank my agent...") I'll stop now and leave you with some adorable pictures of the cute kids who came to visit.  

What d'ya mean I can't eat them?!

Cuddling her new sleepy kitten.


  1. Awwww such cute photos! And I don't know why you would be afraid of not selling - your stuff looks awesome! ♥ I would totally buy from your stall if I got to go :) So happy to hear you had an awesome time!

    Kieli ~♥