Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cats of the World Purrzaar - final countdown!

Why oh why oh why do I procrastinate?! I had months to prepare for the Purrzaar at the Cats of the World photo exhibition this Saturday yet I'm still frantically rushing.

If I had been properly organised I should have gotten most of my stuff prepared weeks ago.  Instead, I'm doing frantic last minute crochet, hectic last minute runs to the yarn shop and ridiculous amounts of sewing to put all the finishing touches together.

The final line-up will look something like this, with my Kitty Cupcakes making an appearance of course, as well as Micro Cats in tiny glass bottles and a few random cat pieces that I hope will go to good homes with loving owners:

I really hope the punters at the Purrzaar will like my newborn Goodnight Kitties:

Tired out by their morning milk feeding, the kittens take a quiet nap at the kitten nursery.

The Puss-in-Pouches have turned out really well and look awesome cute in the pink and teal trays:

And I hope some of the cat lovers will be needing a collar or two for their furry friends:

I've even drafted in our cat Tiggy to do some pro-bono modelling for me.

Let's hope his good looks will bring me some luck at the Purrzaar!

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