Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tiny amigurumi cupcakes

Bunnies take tea
Teddies in a saucer

I made these a long while back when I had an excess of bon bon papers that fit perfectly with these tiny bunnies/teddies/cats.  They're also relatively quick to make so I made a bunch for friends and family. 

These Kitty Cupcakes flew all the way to Japan as a gift for my friends Veronique and Jamie who were newlyweds.  I couldn't attend their wedding as I was expecting our boy, but I had a photo to work from and luckily found ribbon the exact colour of Jamie's cravate. 

Five bears and a bunny spell A-U-D-R-E-Y.  For the birthday girl who loves cars.  I couldn't afford a car.

My Uncle Alex and Aunty Hilda and Cousin Ranee are cat lovers, so I made them their micro-cupcake versions of themselves.  Later I realised I missed out the most important memeber of the quartet - Mui Mui their cat.  She was added later.    

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Angry Octopus Family

Mr Angry Octi is very proud of his ancestry.  He is the 8th spawn of the 8th spawn of the first Octopus to be born angry.  Unfortunately for him, female Octopi aren't often angry.  At least, not without extreme provocation.  So when he floated up to the beach one day and saw Ms Angry Octi, he couldn't believe his luck.

She was hot, and most importantly, angry.  He was mesmerised by Ms Angry Octi's elegantly truculent eyebrows.  After a few minutes of conversation he was ready to procreate, but of course he had to be a gentleman about it and at least walk her up and down the beach for a while.

Eventually though she consented and little Wrath and Wratherina were born.  

The twins are very playful, and in preparation for their lives as Angry Octopi, their parents have been putting them through very strenuous training...

Making them eat a special diet of angry fish...

And generally reminding them of their duty to grow angry eye-brows very soon so as not to disappoint the 3 generations of Angry Octopi that contributed to their existence.

On off days though Mrs Angry Octi likes to take Wratherina to check out the shops on the beach front.

And even though Wrath is still a little behind on his training, the whole family likes to take a break now and then to chill out on the shore.  Even though they're angry, there's a lotta love there in the Angry Octi Family.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Faye's Katze

Katze getting her hair & makeup done

Our next-door neighbour and friends are animal lovers, especially cats. So when I offered to make their daughter a toy, a cute girly cat was suggested and Katze (as little Faye calls her) was born.

I used organic milk cotton for the body and cotton threads for the finishing touches. Faye was only about 1 year old when she met Katze so I chose baby friendly cotton that is soft and won't fluff, as well as sewn-on eyes over beads. I only stuffed her moderately full as I wanted her to be very soft and cuddly. It does mean I may have to give Katze a bit of servicing later on but I think the result is worth it. Her dress is elasticated with a Velcro fastening on the back to allow for changes of clothes.

I was a little nervous at how Katze would be received, she was the first toy I made for a toddler who would, I'm sure, have made her disgust clear if she didn't like it. Luckily Faye loved Katze. She gave her a cuddle straight away and Katze is now her constant companion, with dolly making a close second in her affections.

The Mulberry Motivation

Motivation, thy name is Mulberry.

I've done it!  I've finally set up a blog.  I've been talking about doing this for months, as a platform to flog my crochet toys and baby hats but I've allowed other things to distract me.  And also because I'm outrageously lazy.

Recently though I've had an extra bit of motivation - one of handbag origin - a friend can get me staff discount on a Mulberry so I've started a Mulberry Fund, in the hopes that all sale proceeds of the stuff I made can make a contribution to the dent in the bank required for the acqusition of said Mulberry.

Thus the setting up of a craft blog of Stuff-Susie-Made, which will hopefully inspire me to be more creative/productive and get me some mulah in the Mulberry Jar.

The Mulberry Jar - totaling $1 - my husband's generous! donation.