Sunday, December 31, 2017

Mini Minion Keyring Crochet Pattern

I say minion though he really is just an elongated yellow and blue pill plus eye!

This is a relatively simple pattern as I've cheated and used felt for the fiddly bits.  The only difficulty is with the legs since they're formed from a tight 4 stitches into a magic ring.  Other than that this is a quick pattern to stitch up as presents if you've minion crazy friends (or kids in my case!).

For the prototype I used Patons Regal 4 ply cotton and a 2.2mm hook but I've used embroidery thread before when I've nothing else to hand.  The pattern will still work so long as you adjust the size of the felt eye and the google. 

You'll need: 
Small amounts of crochet cotton in yellow, blue, black and grey;
Felt in black and white;
Tapestry and sewing needles;
Black sewing thread;
Polyester stuffing; and
A key ring (optional).

Start first with the body:
It's worked from the bum up ;) and is worked in joined rounds (i.e. each round begins with a chain stitch and ends with a slip stitch joining the last and first stitches together). 

R1: [In blue] Magic ring, 6sc into ring (6)
R2: inc x 6 (12)
R3: *(sc, inc)* x 6 (18)
R4: *(2sc, inc)* x 6 (24)
R6: 24sc (24)

R7: [Change to yellow] (see vid if you need help with changing colours) 24sc (24)
R15: 24sc (24)
R16: *(2sc, dec)* x 6 (18)
R17: *(sc, dec)* x 6 (12)
Stuff body with filling before closing up in next row.
R18: 6dec (6), leave a long yarn tail, thread through front loops to close up. (See vid if you need help with closing up).

For the arms, you can work out where you want them to be on the body, then sticking pins in to mark the positions. For my minion I decided to work the arms between rows 11 and 12, 11 sts apart.


R1: [In yellow] 8ch (8)
Hook onto body using sl st (as shown in vid)

R2: sl st into second ch from hook, then work another 7sl sts along the ch back to starting st, cut off yarn tail.

For the hands we switch to felt. Cut 2 thin strip of black felt to wrap over the end of the arm as gloves.  For me, my arm measures around 4mm wide so my black strip was around 7mm wide and 1cm long.  Measure your arms to make sure the strip fits your minion.

Fold strip in half and sew onto arm as shown.

The legs can be a bit fiddly but they give the best effect. You have to make sure you're crocheting up vertically from a magic ring of 4 stitches. It gets cramped in there but so long as you make sure you're going upwards properly you're fine!

Magic ring, 4sc in ring.
R1: magic ring, 4sc in ring (4)
R4: 4sc (4), end leaving a long yarn tail to sew legs onto body.
The feet are also made with felt.  Cut a long piece of black felt 7mm wide.  Use strip to wrap around the foot. Sew the strip closed around leg and onto leg by passing the needle through the leg a couple of times too then cut off excess as shown.

Wrap black strip around leg, then sew closed.

Pass the needle through the leg too to secure the strip onto leg.

Now you're ready for the eye.  Once you're stuffed your body you should have a fair idea how big the eye should be. These measurements worked for me but yours will depend on your minion's finished size.

Cut a circle 1.5cm in diameter in white felt and a circle 5mm in diameter in black felt.

For the eye goggle strap, cut another strip of black felt 7mm wide and 12cm long.

The goggle itself will again depend on the size of your eye. Work the first row of ch sts first, then measure it around the eye to make sure it wraps exactly the circumference of your white eye piece. For my minion I needed 14 scs.

R1: 15ch (15)
R2: starting from second ch from hook, 14sc (14). Eng leaving long yarn tail.

Measure the goggle piece to make sure it goes around the eye.  Sew the end to the beginning of the row to make it into a circle.

Make sure your goggle row 1 goes around the white of the eye just so.
You'll need 2 bibs with straps: 

You'll need 2 of these, bibs with one strap each.

R1: [In blue] ch7 (7)
R2: starting from second ch from hook, 6sc (6)
R3: ch 1, turn, 6sc (6), then 10ch leaving a long yarn tail for sewing onto body. 


Sew legs to body.  For my minion I positioned them between rows 3 and 4, 3 sts apart.

Wrap eye goggle strap around the head above the arms. Sew closed (you can also glue it on if you liked).

Sew or glue black felt eye piece onto white eye piece, then glue or sew white eye piece onto eye strap on body.  Sew the goggle piece (now circular) onto the eye.

Sew bib onto body between rows 6 and 7.
Sew first bib piece onto front of body between rows 6 and 7, fasten off.  Then sew second bib piece onto back of body also between rows 6 and 7, fasten off too.  Then using the yarn tail from the line of ch sts from the front bib piece, sew the strap to the back piece at the corner, then take your needle through the body and sew the strap securely to the minion's shoulder, just above the arm.  Do the same for the strap from the back piece.

Sewing strap from back piece to corner of front bib.

Passing needle through the body, to secure strap onto shoulder.

See stitch on shoulder securing strap.

Using black cotton yarn (or embroidery thread), sew on mouth.

And you're done!

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