Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Obsession - Tsum Tusm Origami!

Messing about with paper has got to be my cheapest craft obsession so far.

Original seed of obsession: Book - $20.

Tools: Pens, ruler, scissors, glue - $Can't remember (had them all lying around the house).

Materials: Proper origami paper - $4 x 3 packs = $12.

Tsum Tsum Origami Book from Kinokuniya
To be honest though, the trip to Kino wasn't cheap as I bought two other books as well.  Sanrio and Star Wars Origami.  Both are great but those characters are more difficult to make.  The Disney Tsum Tsum version is easier, great for short attention spans, requires less paper AND it has this project idea which pretty much sold me on the spot.

Instructions are relatively easy.  The head is made with one piece of green.  The little hands need a 1/4 piece of green, plus 3 white circles for eyes with black pupils drawn on.  This would have been more difficult except I have a fab circles stencil ruler.

Only this close-up do I realise how battered my desk is! 
The instructions suggested the sharper angle on the chin, so I made some like this and some with the 'plumper' face shape.

Then it was folding... folding... folding...

Big papa alien is a kind and hands-on father

Closest thing I have to a single colour backdrop was blue.  So eye-glaring green on blue it was!

I had an IKEA frame lying around so into that the aliens went.  The hardest part of the whole assembly was fixing the little aliens in some semblance of disorder so the effect would be little aliens tumbling onto the big one.  Not sure I did that very well since I got anal and put them all in neatly non-overlapping positions.  If I make another one of these (with a difference character of course), I might actually throw them together for a more natural effect.

Cat wasn't too sure about it but then relaxed and rubbed his face all over it and claimed it as Cat-owned. 
 This was kinda addictive.  I'm tempted to try him next: