Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Free sewing lessons continued - Woodland Animals!

My absolute favourite animal of ALL time has to be the sloth.  Who doesn't like cute and lazy?   Whenever I get half an excuse I'll include a sloth just for fun.  So for the second set of free workshops in collaboration with the Singapore National Library Board, we'll me making these hanging sloth pins.

Aren't they cute?  When worn they'll look like they're hanging off the safety pin on wearer's lapel. Kinda like they were too lazy to move so decided to hang around for kicks.  A major plus (since there will be young crafters at the sessions) is how simple they are to make.  The little face is a bit fiddly but other than that they're just 5 shapes plus features.  Really looking forward to see how they'll fare in April.  Maybe I'll turn some of my students into crazed sloth fans!

Since it's a woodland theme I can't not include a bear! I found Benjamin Rowling's fabulous book "Cute Felt Bears" in the library and really liked the idea of a bear shaped cushion with a protruding head.

So I created a single layer bear body and added a squarish head (inspired by the bear on my daughter's play tent).  Add on black snap button for eyes and voila - bear.

I've kept the shape as simple as possible to make him achievable within the sewing sesison but I really like the way he's turned out.  The simple lines have the advantage of making him the BEST MODEL EVER for accessories! Somehow his face was just the right size for my son's quiet book pieces so I gave the bear glasses, a bow tie, a pirate eye patch and I crocheted a red scarf for him because red is so this season's colour :)

To finish off the trio I wanted to include a rabbit for Easter.  I wanted some functionality as well so I made her into a card holder.

The pocket is made with see-through plastic (using plastic table cloth material actually) so when your train card/bus pass etc is inserted, it looks like the bunny is hugging the card for safe keeping.

If they sound like your cup of tea then please join me this April 9th, 16th and 23rd at Bukit Merah Public Library and take a stroll through the woodlands via a sewing needle.  Again, my classes with the NLB are TOTALLY FREE - all you have to do is register.  Go to and search for threaded tales - woodland animals.  Hope to see you soon!


  1. I absolutely love these little sloths! Would you by any chance be willing to share a template/tutorial for them??

    I love your crochet patterns as well, I'm obsessed with your Princess Leia blankie!


    1. I'd be interested in the sloth template too!