Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Kewpies in NYC! Resobox Amigurumi Exhibition

Amgurumi Exhibition at Resobox, New York
Finally, Amigurumi as an art form is getting the attention it deserves! With a dedicated exhibition for the cutest of the Japanese arts at the Resobox Amigurumi Exhibition running from December to February at the Resobox Gallery in New York.

Over a hundred Amigurumi artists were invited to take part (me included!), culminating in approximately 4,000 pieces of amigurumi from around the world!  Here are a few snaps of my Kewpie dolls in situ - photos courtesy of Danielle, crochet guru of Lion Brand Yarns.

Here are my Princess Leia and Darth Vader at the Exhibition!
Obi-Wan rocking it. 

Originally a Japanese concept, Amigurumi (literally - crocheted/knitted stuffed doll) began as a craze where artists would anthropomorphize anything they thought would look cute with a face - (like this for example: crochet peas tutorial).  This often included giving animals clothes or ridiculously cute accessories like handbags etc to make them look even more human.  

As the craze swept around the world however, the term has been used more generally for crocheted works that reflect Japanese kawaii style.  And it is this evolution that the gallery curator, Takashi Ikezawa, wanted to showcase.  He decided to display all the amigurumi in one concentrated installation, in an "Amigurumi Room", to celebrate the concept as a whole, and to better demonstrate how artists around the world has interpreted this versatile and frankly addictive style of crochet.

Every piece at this exhibition is for sale.  That's right - you can take a piece of the cuteness home. Exhibits range from tiny - including 5cm tall Kewpie dolls by yours truly :) - to massive (I hear a half metre tall dragon was going for $1000).  

You can check out some of the artists' own photos of their work at the Resobox Facebook page, which I strongly advice because so much awesome is on there!!! 

Some of the pieces will also be showcased at the Vogue Knitting Live Event.  I really hope some of my pieces will be chosen.

The exhibition will run until 28th February, check them out if you're in town!

41-26 27th St. Long Island City, NY, USA 11101
(Between Queens Plaza North and 41 St. Ave.)

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