Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Stuff Susie Made Cats at Neko No Niwa - Signapore's first Cat Cafe!

The Kitty Cupcakes Chilling at the Cat Cafe! 

So here are two things I'm thrilled about!  One is it's Christmas so I get to pig out on yummy food.  Second is that Stuff Susie Made cats are now being sold at Singapore's first Cat Cafe - Neko No Niwa at Boat Quay! 

Photo Credit: Doralynn Tan as featured on Today Online
This is fab not only because you can now visit the cafe to have a touch and feel of our kitty cupcakes, and knitting cats and smelly cats (they really come into their own when you can actually smell them...) etc. But you can enjoy the company of gorgeous and affectionate kitties even if you don't have a cat at home! 

You can spot the cafe from amongst the Boat Quay eateries by the ADORABLE sign on level 2. 

They have a 'cuddle charge' of $12 per hour to contribute to the kitties' upkeep and you can enjoy a refreshing drink with the cats at reasonable prices - and of course you can also browse and adopt a Stuff Susie Made cat at the same time!!!! 

Hug me. 
Knitting Cat Cousins Mabel and Jayne
Kitty Keyrings that smell of Cinnamon and Nutmeg - ie Christmas!
Cat Nests can also be ordered through Neko No Niwa - this one is on display there for the use of all Niwa Cats.

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