Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Stuff Susie Made for Babies!

I love making toys and clothes for babies!  They are always appreciative and look adorable in anything you put on them so my stuff always looks super cute ;) 

My first project was Katze for Faye:

Then it was Bunny for Juno:

Pink Giraffe was for the hungry Kleo: 

And these two lovelies were for baby girls born on the opposite sides of the world: 

So many newly arrived little girls inspired me to make more baby stuff.  Friends of mine have also complained that I don't post baby things on my blog so I decided to make some flower headbands.  I went through a phase of crocheting flowers just to try out the patterns so I had a few flowers to hand.  After rummaging in my local Spotlight, I found some gorgeously soft and stretchy bands that were perfect.  

I didn't have a model for these headbands... well, the only baby I had easy access to was my son... so I bribed him with TV to get a few shots. 

His daddy was not pleased.  I have a feeling I'll pay for these when he's old enough to complain. 

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