Thursday, January 4, 2018

Netflix and Knitting perfect pairing: Stranger Things 2 and Sirdar Baby Crofter Cardigan

So Stranger Things season 2 was out a while back.  My best mate Heather (who lives in New Zealand) wanted me to wait so we could binge watch the series together then we can bitch/fan-girl about the show together afterwards. A perfect plan except I can no longer sit and watch TV without doing something with my hands... I get fidgety.

I needed a knitting project. One that's so easy I wouldn't need to look at it much. One without a complicated pattern, preferably just knit and purl all the way with minimal increase/decrease. So I dug out my baby cardigan patterns and decided on the Sirdar Baby Crofter wrap:

I LOVE the Baby Crofter series.  The yarns are pre-printed with a Fair Isle effect so all you have to do is a stocking stitch and the finished product will come out like it's been intricately patterned. Plus its base is the Sirdar Snuggly series so it's super soft with a bit of elasticity in it so it's a pleasure to knit. (I know I sound like a Sirdar brand promoter but I'm not. I just super like this yarn).

And because it self-patterns, the best way to show off this yarn is to do stocking stitch. Thus it's made its way to my 'lazy-knit' category. That's especially so with this wrap cardigan pattern.

Border: few rows of Moss stitch, then it's Stocking Stitch all the way with decreases on neck edge to create the slope. That's it! The back was just Stocking Stitch all the way to arm hole then decrease for shoulders.

Post finishing Season 2 (amazing series!!!) I added a button on the inside, ribbon to fasten to side on the outside and a super cute make-your-own button which opens so you can put anything you like inside.  My girl loves her beads and sparkly sequences so I put a couple of flowers and beads in there.


You'd think with all the effort I put into watching Netflix... I mean knitting her cardigan she'd put some effort into modelling the thing for me. No such luck.

For a quick and simple knit, don't think the results were too shabby.  Pattern and yarns highly recommended for beginners too. Difficulty is easy, knitting time plus trimmings (minus the Netflix Binge) shouldn't take more than a week or so of leisurely knitting. Specs below:

Pattern:Baby Snuggly Crofter DK No. 1931
Difficulty: Easy
Yarn: Sirdar Snuggly Crofter Fair Isle effect Dk, Shade 0165 Cara x2, size 4-5
Needles: 3.25mm and
Extras: DIY buttons and ribbons