Sunday, February 28, 2016

Free Sewing Classes in Collaboration with the Singapore National Library Board!

I - AM - SO - EXCITED to announce my collaboration with the Singapore National Library Board!!!!!

Throughout 2016, I'll be giving FREE sewing lessons at different library locations! And by free I mean all materials included, no need to pay to register, don't even have to be a member of the library free!

The classes are open to EVERYONE including kids (above age 7 though, we don't want any needle stick injuries...) and the themes are all based on story books.  So in March the projects will be inspired by Thumbelina.  We'll be making Thumbelina herself in the first lesson; her noble rescuer the Swallow in the second lesson; and little flowers in tin pots where Thumbelina was born, in the third lesson.

The theme for the next set of lessons are awesome too - woodland animals.  I'm wondering if I could claim a Jackalope is a woodland creature, because he is my favouritest fake-real animal ever.

If you're in Singapore and are free 7th, 9th or 11th of March, 3-5pm, do join me for some fun with needles and felts.  Again, the classes are absolutely free so all you'll have to do is sign up.  Find my classes named 'Threaded Tales' on this site: then put your name down!  And if you have kids (again, above 7) bring them along too!  All are welcome!


  1. All your classes of march are full.
    Do you know when you will release new dates ? I am so eager ! Thank you

    1. Hi Kim, I have more classes planned in April. Please could you get in touch via my facebook page: I'll let you know the details. Thanks and look forward to seeing you!