Thursday, September 25, 2014

Ever wondered what an army of 100 Kewpies look like? This!

Hahahahah - the baby army has arrived straight from Japan!

Did you know Kewpie Dolls were actually 'born' in Germany?  They first appeared in a comic strip drawn by the American artist Rose O'Neill.  Somehow they migrated over to Europe and were produced as posh figurines in the 1900's.

They're more a Japanese thing now and are made in Japan by Obitsu.  They come in various sizes, all of them unbelievable cute.  Kewpie is a bit of an icon over there, most famous for being the mascot for Japanese mayonnaise.

It isn't only cute-things-worshippers like me who like Kewpie Dolls!  Brainy boffins researching into developmental psychology coined the term: Kewpie Doll Effect, which explains why mums go crazy over babies.  Apparently it's because of their high foreheads and rounded faces which speak to some sort of instinctive urge within us to take care of them.

Well, I'll be taking good care of the babies as well as making them lots of super cute outfits.  Like the Rilakkuma outfit, whose pattern I've just finished writing! Woo Hoo!  I'll be uploading it here for free download shortly (as soon as I've checked there are no mistakes that is!) Watch this space!

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